Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thankfulness [often forgotten but always needed]

I know I'm a bit late on this topic since we celebrated Thanksgiving a mere two months ago, but I feel the need to still express myself. This last Thanksgiving was a memorable one, but also a special one. Thanksgiving is that one day of the year in which we are expected to express thanks and gratitude. However, I realized this last year that thankfulness is something that should be expressed ALL year long, not just on Thanksgiving. This last year has brought upon many happy memories, laughs, sorrows, changes, endings, beginnings and so much more. I have learned that I need to be thankful and have words of gratitude all year long. I feel blessed beyond measure and I thank the Lord for his merciful love and grace. I feel especially blessed for my incredibly loving, caring, self-less, compassionate, beautiful family. My parents and all 5 siblings are all the best and I feel lucky to be a part of my family. So, don't forget your words of thankfulness and everyday is a perfect day to express words of gratitude.

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  1. Love you Chall -- love that you're posting again. I am thankful for YOU!