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"Supermarket Speech"
 One of the lessons being taught in preschool right now is "Supermarket." Any time there is a new lesson or theme in preschool [or actually for any grade], I immediately think "What will my targets be? How can I increase speech-language skills with this theme? What are functional, age-appropriate vocabulary terms related to this theme?" So...with that being said, this is one activity I did to increase use of language, vocabulary and sorting skills. I utilized sentence strips to promote language ("I put ___ in the cart," "I see ____," "I like/don't like _____," etc.) and cut out food items from newspaper ads for the students to sort. This was a great way to categorize food into different categories as well as identify vocabulary. Some categories we sorted by were: Foods we liked/Foods we didn't like, Fruit/Vegetables, Sweet Foods/Salty Foods, Dinner Food/Desserts, etc. Also, it allowed opportunities to make connections between what they see/eat/like[don't like] to get from the store. Again, another easy, fun activity that kept the kiddos engaged.

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