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Welcome to my "Crafty Corner!" I know I initially indicated this blog was to solely share my speech-language ideas, BUT, to each their own right?! Since I also really enjoy crafts, I decided to dedicate a whole 'tab' to include any and all crafty ideas. Last year I started to learn how to make simple jewelry pieces [thanks to a dear family friend of mine] and as I started to accumulate a few pieces, I decided I needed a new jewelry stand. After I found this Pinterest inspired idea, I was sold. Follow along to learn more about how I created this easy, fun and cheap earring stand. .
So first you need an 8 X 10 picture frame [or really any size of frame you so choose] and some cream-coat acrylic paint [2 bucks at Hobby Lobby]. Then, with some foam brushes, elegantly [to create more of a rustic look] paint over the picture frame to your pleasing.
Next, buy some picture framing wire [also found at Walmart]. Measure the length to match the length of your frame then double it. Twist the wire so there is a double strand then use a staple gun to secure both sides of the wire to the frame. Continue until you have 4 wire rows [or again, however you so choose].
Tad-a and there you have it! A fun, easy, and cheap earring holder that you can hang on your wall or keep slanted on your dresser to help keep your earrings organized as well as give off a little rustic look. Enjoy!

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