Friday, November 16, 2012

"A Turkey for Thanksgiving"

Since we are about a week away from Thanksgiving, I decided to utilize this great Thanksgiving  book ["A Turkey for Thanksgiving" By: Eve Bunting] to target language skills. There are a lot of great things going on in this book that make it easy to use this time of year to target so many different skills. Here are some skills I targeted using this book:

  • WH Questions
  • Story Elements (Characters, setting, problem/solution, etc.)
  • Story retell (Beginning, Middle, End)
  • Vocabulary 
  • Character traits (e.g., How does Turkey feel, how does he react, what is he thinking, etc.)
  • Main Idea (e.g., "What's the "gist" of the story? What are supporting details?)
  • Making predictions, Inferences, comparing/contrasting characters and settings
One thing I did, was use colored turkeys to be a reinforcer for the kiddos as we read the book. After we read or looked at each page there was a plethora of questions, predictions and comments to be made to talk about about was happening in our story. The students had opportunities to earn these colored turkeys to reinforce their responses. At the end of the story, I would have them turn over their turkeys and answer any questions that were written on the back (e.g., Who are the characters? Use 3 words to describe a turkey? How did the characters feel in the story? etc.) of them to review and retell the story and reinforce responses. In addition, I created a few documents to make predictions about the story and answer comprehension questions for those students who needed more visual supports to assist them. Check them out and download for free!! Like I said, there are so many great things you can target using this book and it's a great narrative during this time of year.Enjoy!!


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