Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Turkey Talking Categories" [free download below]

"Turkey Talk Categories" was inspired completely through pinterest. I created this document to assist speech-language students grades kindergarden through second grade to target their receptive/expressive vocabulary as well as categorization skills. I created categories for: fruit, vegetables, Thanksgiving meal items, weather, fall clothing and animals. You can take the feathers and put them upside down and have kiddos take turn pulling a feather, labeling it and placing it on the correct "Turkey Category," or you can put the feathers in various locations in your speech room and have kiddos go "Turkey Feather Hunting," and once a student finds a feather, have them verbalize "I found a ____." This also would lend itself nicely to target concepts for students who need to work on positional concepts (e.g., "I found a feather under the table) and lastly you could easily target WH questions or Yes/No questions (e.g., What do you do with a scarf? When do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Is a banana a fruit? etc.) Hope this activity will be a hit this week for Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Download "Turkey Talk Categories" -ksu.speechie


  1. This is darling, Chall! I downloaded it and I think this will be a great language exercise for calendar next week! Thanks for sharing!